Frequently Asked Questions

1.1. What is Back to Back Order?

An item listed as Back to Back will only be brought in once a confirmed order is placed by you. This method of sale involves zero risk on the part of the seller as a firm buyer is in hand.

1.2. What is Pre Order?

An item listed as Pre Order is already on its way to the Marketplace. The Pre Order tag allows a seller to make confirmed sales and defer delivery until such time his stock has arrived. Usually Pre Orders offer a discount from the ready stock price as the buyer is made to wait.

1.3. Why am I unable to list my item?

Only verified sellers are able to list items. This measure is taken to protect all buyers and maintain the integrity of the Marketplace.

1.4. How do I become a Verified Member?

Verified Member status requires you to submit a scanned copy of your IC / Passport along with proof of address (Utility Bill, Bank Statement, etc.) & contact number / email. Once we are satisfied the information provided is genuine your account will be upgraded. All documents emailed to us will be deleted thereafter and no backup or records will be kept by The Bullion Exchange of Malaysia.