25 X 1 Gram Divisible PAMP Suisse MULTIGRAM Gold Bar - (.80 oz of Gold) With Individual Assay Cards

1 Gram
Issuing Mint:
Pamp Suisse
Famous Swiss refiner PAMP Suisse hits the detachable gold ingot market in a big way with its new MULTIGRAM+25 25 Gram Gold Bar Set. Instead of minting a single bar scored into 1 gram sections that can be separated by hand, the MULTIGRAM+25 has 25, 1-gram .9999 fine gold Fortuna bars on a single perforated backing that can be separated into their own self-contained assay card.

PAMP was the world's first refiner to offer designs on pressed investment-grade gold bars with the original Fortuna, which is still the world's favorite collectible gold bar. Every 1 gram Fortuna bar in the MULTIGRAM+25 has its own unique serial number stamp right on the bar, and separates out into its own self-contained assay card which includes that same serial number, as well as weight and fineness.

Imagine the faces at the party or company bonus meeting when you start detaching and handing out beautiful gold bars, each in its own tiny sealed card. This is an eye-catching and memorable way to introduce others to gold ownership. The MULTIGRAM bar is also a flexible and unique way to store gold that allows fractional sales at a later date. Instead of bulky cases of 1 gram gold bars, the MULTIGRAM+25 lies flat, taking up far less space than 25 1gram bars each in its own assay card. This makes them a great solution for storing gold in small personal safes, or safety deposit boxes.
RM 242.93