Bullion Brokers

Bullion Brokers is a platform for registered sellers to sell their bullion with the help of brokers, and for buyers to source for competitive bullion directly from investors or dealers.
  • Buyers can buy bullion at competitive prices directly from the source (ie. investors or dealers). A buyer is anyone that a registered user on our website. Buyers will be required to pay 5% down payment to Bullion Brokers Sdn Bhd, before a sellers contact details are revealed.
  • Broker(agent) is any registered user of Bullion Exchange. Brokers can introduce both offline or online buyers to buy bullion from the listed of bullion and if the transaction is successful the broker will receive a 3% commission as introduction fee.
  • Seller can be anyone that registered on our website. Sellers agree to receive only 95% of selling price from buyer during transaction. The remaining 5% is split between Bullion Brokers Sdn Bhd and the broker of a sale at the rate of 2% and 3% respectively.
  • Bullion Brokers Sdn Bhd is a brokering platform that helps introduce buyers and sellers, charging a 5% service fee from the seller and paying 3% commission to brokers.