Features & Benefits

  • Disciplined commitment yields savings & income.
  • Consistent monthly accumulation takes away risks associated with trying to time the market.
  • Flexibility to buy more when you feel prices are at a low.
  • 1/12 Bonus issue of bullion based on your 12 month combined purchase.
  • 2% Referral commission on all purchases made by members you introduce.
  • 1 Ounce of free Silver / 1 Gram of free Gold for each member you introduce to the respective program.


Account Overview & Reports

Members will be able to view their bullion accumulation and easily find the average cost of acquired bullion before and after bonuses as well as track the live selling price of Silver and Gold.


Ad Hoc Purchases

Follow the live spot price and make ad hoc purchases of bullion at any time you think is best. Payment for ad hoc purchases need to be completed within 24 hours of the ad hoc purchase request.


Referrals & Commission

Refer a friend and you will receive 1 Ounce of free Silver / 1 Gram of free Gold as a sign-up bonus.

Subsequently you will also receive 2% commission on all of their future purchases. Commission can only be used to increase your monthly purchase amount and not when making an ad hoc purchase.


Monthly Collection & Shipping

You may choose to pick up your Silver or Gold on the scheduled date which is usually on the second week of each month or elect to have your bullion posted to you every 3 months as to reduce cost of shipping.

You may also elect to have your stock shipped to you at any point via the ad hoc shipping feature.